Thursday, March 6, 2014

Underwear 2


"Wow, we look really good with these on."


"Don't mind us, Carrot-  
impressive I know..."


"Howdy Ma'am - 
Sorry to make you blush..."


"Why thank you, sir-
No, we're not even flexing!"


"Phew! Let's take a break.
Looking this good is too much pressure."


MITCH said...

Lol too cute. I'm waiting for part 3 :p

Marieke H said...

Can we see some naked toof buttocks next time?

Anonymous said...

super like!!!! ^__^ thank you! You just made my day a whole lot better! ^_^

Carlyn said...

They looked so good in underwear. Well done, a cute and simple idea.

Karate Mom said...

Awwww! So cute in their little undies!

Maarit said...

Extra funny!

Br, Maarit from Finland

Cateaclysmic said...

hahaha they're so adorable xoxo

Unknown said...

So stinking cute! They always make me smile!

Chrissie said...

They're so cute! Especially since they're not flexing!

emping said...


*kiss from Indonesia ohh ickle, ohh Lardee

Unknown said...

Hahaha ...this is so weird and good.

Kerstin said...

Now that I've seen them with their underwear on they look naked without. Huh. But still cute. <3

Anonymous said...

Dear Inhae, I discovered your blog only yesterday and read all adventures of Ickle and Lardee in one evening. THANK YOU so much for having created such a wonderful world with these two charming teef. When I was a child I was mad about the Moomin Family and somehow I can found something as poetic in your pictures. Big Up and wish you a lot of Success in your artistic carreer. Isabelle (Belgium)

beina said...

I love them!!!

AmiVieNeski said...

they are so cute!!!

blisswityoga said...

I absolutely love your blog. Keep doing what you're doing. You make people'e life better with your stories. xoxo

Allergy Test Bath Lady said...

Are they shorts or Y fronts? lol

Sean Parker said...

Tired and sleepy they are.
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Unknown said...

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Vertcoin Trader Guy said...

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Unknown said...

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