How did you get the idea for My Milk Toof?
In 2009, after working five straight years as an artist in the video game industry, I found myself unemployed and not too excited about continuing in that profession. I decided to take a short break and explore some personal projects that would be more fulfilling. During that time, I came across the term "milk tooth". I had heard the term before, but never had the urge to look it up until then. After some hard core googling, I began sketching some ideas for a tooth character which would eventually become "ickle".

My intention was to make a vinyl character first, but upon my boyfriend's suggestion, I started with a blog instead. Using a new DSLR camera he bought me for my birthday a couple months before, I began taking photographs around my apartment with a little tooth model I had made.

What's ickle and Lardee made out of? How many models do you have?
The little tooth characters are made out of polymer clay and painted with acrylics. I have five or more models of both ickle and Lardee, each with different expressions.

Why does it take so long to post new stories?
As the posts have gotten longer and more complex, the time it takes to finish stories have too. Each new story requires new props, sometimes new models, writing, storyboards, photography, and color editing, which can be very time consuming. Thank you so much for being patient!

Will you be reprinting "ickle and Lardee's Grand Adventure" book?
Unfortunately, there are no plans for a reprint.

Can I use your images on my blog?
You definitely can, just please credit accordingly. Thanks!

Do you read our comments?
Yes! Reading your comments after posting is like waking up on Christmas morning. I love hearing what you think, and appreciate the encouragementNormally I don't respond to questions in the comments section, so if you want to know something specific feel free to email me instead. 

Do you keep Carrot in that fishbowl all day?
Thanks for your concern- Carrot's post story habitat is much bigger, and he is very healthy.