Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New MY MILK TOOF Winter Merchandise!

2013 Winter Holiday Product

Hello my lovely readers,

This holiday season, give the gift of My Milk Toof! The online store is now stocked with new merchandise including some new prints and pins, and a limited number of vintage framed giclee prints. Not to mention the second book is still available for purchase, as well as the ickle and Lardee tote bags. Come click on into the store and check it out- and thank you all for your support in helping to keep this blog running!

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

MMT_Halloween 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home Again


"Ahh, it's nice to be home."


"Hey Carrot, Paris was really cool!"


"And we brought you back a gift..."





"We bought it off some guy on the street - he said it was authentic."






 "Hmmm... maybe it's fake?"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ickle and Lardee in Paris


(pant pant)
"Man, they must love stairs in Paris."


"First things first, let's start the day like a proper Parisian."


 "This map's too small. 
We shouldn't have printed off the internet."


"Hurry up and take the picture, 
we don't want to look like tourists."


"Let's take this food to go, Lardee. 
 We'll cover more ground that way."


"Wait wait, don't take the picture yet- they're in our shot."


"Baaaah! Too many people here!"


"I saw in a movie if we wait here till midnight, 
a car comes by so we can meet Owen Wilson."


"Chestnuts! Good job Lardee, we'll eat these later."


"Haha, Carrot would like this."


"Paris, je t'aime!"

Monday, October 28, 2013

Book 2 International Stores!

Good news international readers! Book 2 is NOW AVAILABLE at the following places:

Kinokuniya, Singapore (All store locations & online)

Tamtokki, France

Coming Soon:

Kinokuniya, Malaysia 

Rare Device, SF

Monday, September 30, 2013

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage

"Lardee, pack essentials only."

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Giveaway!

Hello Readers,

I apologize for the delay in getting the second book out, but it's finally about time and the book will be available for purchase this Sunday, September 22 on!


MMT_Serious Eats Book2 Contest

Before that, you can win a chance to get a signed copy of the book by entering the Serious Eats/My Milk Toof Book Giveaway- on NOW! Click on the link and write a weird and crazy recipe for ickle and Lardee to eat. The winner will not only win the book, but I will personally create the recipe and take a picture of ickle and Lardee eating it!

Note: Please leave your recipe in the comments section on the SERIOUS EATS website, not here.

ENTER HERE: Book Giveaway 

Thanks everyone, I can't wait to read what bizarre recipes you all come up with! And check in Sunday when I release the book, I'll have some cool surprises to share.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unwanted Guest

MMT_Unwanted Guest_01

"Orange is trash, green is for cans, and blue is paper... I think."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_02

"Germs, Lardee, GERMS!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_03

"Whoah, Check it out! Someone threw out this cool dresser."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_04

"Think of all the things we could stuff in here!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_05

"We're taking this."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_06

"Ughh- I wish we had an elevator."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_07

"We must disinfect ourselves first."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_08

"Man- it's kinda dirty inside this dresser."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_09

"Wait, what's that in the corner?"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_10


MMT_Unwanted Guest_11


MMT_Unwanted Guest_12


MMT_Unwanted Guest_13B

"Hurry, use the whole bottle!!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_14

"Great. How do we get rid of this thing?"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_15

"No Lardee- we must be humane."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_16

"I have an idea I think will work."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_17


MMT_Unwanted Guest_18

MMT_Unwanted Guest_19

MMT_Unwanted Guest_20

MMT_Unwanted Guest_21

"Some final touches..."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_25

"Okay, I'm pretty confident this will work."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_24

MMT_Unwanted Guest_23

MMT_Unwanted Guest_22

"Well, if you have a better idea, say it now."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_26

"Okay, ready? 
And... push!!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_27

MMT_Unwanted Guest_28

MMT_Unwanted Guest_29

MMT_Unwanted Guest_30

MMT_Unwanted Guest_31

MMT_Unwanted Guest_28

MMT_Unwanted Guest_33

"It worked! Hooray!!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_34

MMT_Unwanted Guest_35

"Hmm, we really shouldn't litter like that."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_36

"Hey! Can someone throw that into the blue trash can for us?"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_37

"Thank you."