Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unwanted Guest

MMT_Unwanted Guest_01

"Orange is trash, green is for cans, and blue is paper... I think."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_02

"Germs, Lardee, GERMS!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_03

"Whoah, Check it out! Someone threw out this cool dresser."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_04

"Think of all the things we could stuff in here!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_05

"We're taking this."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_06

"Ughh- I wish we had an elevator."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_07

"We must disinfect ourselves first."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_08

"Man- it's kinda dirty inside this dresser."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_09

"Wait, what's that in the corner?"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_10


MMT_Unwanted Guest_11


MMT_Unwanted Guest_12


MMT_Unwanted Guest_13B

"Hurry, use the whole bottle!!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_14

"Great. How do we get rid of this thing?"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_15

"No Lardee- we must be humane."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_16

"I have an idea I think will work."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_17


MMT_Unwanted Guest_18

MMT_Unwanted Guest_19

MMT_Unwanted Guest_20

MMT_Unwanted Guest_21

"Some final touches..."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_25

"Okay, I'm pretty confident this will work."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_24

MMT_Unwanted Guest_23

MMT_Unwanted Guest_22

"Well, if you have a better idea, say it now."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_26

"Okay, ready? 
And... push!!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_27

MMT_Unwanted Guest_28

MMT_Unwanted Guest_29

MMT_Unwanted Guest_30

MMT_Unwanted Guest_31

MMT_Unwanted Guest_28

MMT_Unwanted Guest_33

"It worked! Hooray!!"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_34

MMT_Unwanted Guest_35

"Hmm, we really shouldn't litter like that."

MMT_Unwanted Guest_36

"Hey! Can someone throw that into the blue trash can for us?"

MMT_Unwanted Guest_37

"Thank you."