Wednesday, January 25, 2012


MMT_the carrot_01

"Mmmm....smells really good!
But it's probably not authentic."

MMT_the carrot_02

"I always knew you were talented, Lardee."

MMT_the carrot_03

"How do you open these things?!"

MMT_the carrot_04

"Crush with all your might."

MMT_the carrot_05

"Heeeey, check out my fortune..."

MMT_the carrot_06

MMT_the carrot_07


MMT_the carrot_08

"Whoah, this is freaky."

MMT_the carrot_09

"Uhh...we're coming!"

MMT_the carrot_10B


MMT_the carrot_11

MMT_the carrot_12B
"Hi there. Let's see who you are..."

MMT_the carrot_13B

MMT_the carrot_14

MMT_the carrot_15

"Keep your cash, friend! You can totally stay with us."

MMT_the carrot_16

"First things first, let's get you settled in."

MMT_the carrot_17

"Do you like your bowl? Is it too big? Is it clean enough?
Can we call you Carrot? You kinda look like one."

MMT_the carrot_18

"You can sleep here if you want-
But Lardee snores, and I have some space issues."

MMT_the carrot_19

"If you sleep in the kitchen, you can eat any time you want."

MMT_the carrot_20

"You can sleep here, but we don't recommend it."

MMT_the carrot_21B

"Or you can sleep by all these books and feel really smart."

MMT_the carrot_22

"So where will it be? Your choice."

MMT_the carrot_23


MMT_the carrot_24

MMT_the carrot_25

"Window seat! Good choice, Carrot.
We hope you enjoy it here."

MMT_the carrot_27

"By the way, what was your fortune, Lardee?"


MMT_the carrot_30A

MMT_the carrot_31

"Sometimes these don't mean anything."