Inhae Lee (Creator of My Milk Toof)
Emilie Sandoz (MMT Editor, Chronicle Books)
Suzanne LaGasa (MMT Book Designer, Chronicle Books)

(March 10, 2011)

We wish to thank everyone for all your hard work, and most of all we hope you had fun being a part of the contest and making your very own Toof. Because of the overwhelming amount of entries (235!), Chronicle Books has been generous enough to add THREE BONUS PRIZES! So in addition to the 3 winning entries, each judge has chosen one individual entry as their personal favorite to also win a signed copy of the book.

So without further ado, we are proud to present the 6 winners of the YOUR MILK TOOF book contest! 


1)  "My Milk Toof, Chip!" by Amy

"The Toof Fairy must’ve forgotten about Chip."
Read the entire story HERE.

There were several very ambitious entries with full fledged stories that were very impressive. This particular entry stood out for its storytelling charm and adorable model- also the sweet ending with Chip shyly giving a gift melted our hearts. Well done Amy!

"Smiley is a cuddly, sweet-hearted toof who lives in the ‘forest’ collecting treasures. He loves to bake and make his home extra cosy for anyone who pops by for tea."

If any of you out there have attempted needle felt point stitching, it's a very meticulous endeavor. This Toof felt so warm with its rosy cheeks and fuzzy exterior, lovingly paired with his miniature props.

 “Ruler of The Throne of Gums”

It's hard to resist this cute little Toof sitting atop a giant chair amongst his wealth. The photography is stellar, and we love those blaring lights in the background. All hail, King Toof!

4) Inhae's Pick:                  

 Read the entire story HERE:

From Inhae:

"I love the storytelling about this criminal toof that causes all sorts of trouble. Knotting up wires and hiding spoons? Now we know who's to blame.

Rollo's grumpy face demeanor is also something I can often relate to."

5) Emilie's Pick: 

"Lily, The Cutest Canine" by Elnidodelpetirrojo

From Emilie:

"I love Lily. She seems like she has a great sense of humor, and would definitely be the life of the party. Her funny shape (she’s a canine toof!) just adds to her charm. For this entry, it was a mix of Lily’s big, wide smile and the cute, crafty Polaroid background that really got me.

There are so many wonderfully creative entries here. A big kudos to everyone who submitted—I had no idea that there were so many charming Milk Teef living out in the world!"

6)  Suzanne's Pick: 

"Cube's Afternoon" by Nikolett Jeszkel

 From Suzanne:

"I like him because I love nerds. He looks very smart with his glasses. And he is still smiley despite his retainer braces. I also admire that he likes to draw and hang out with dinosaurs. I bet you he likes to watch nature shows and Godzilla films."

Congratulations to the winners! If your entry was chosen, please email: with your name and mailing address, and Chronicle Books will ship out your prize.

For those who did not win, we want to offer our appreciation for all your hard work- so please email: with your name, mailing address, and what your submission was, and you will receive a little thank you postcard from Inhae Lee!


All of us were completely blown away by the amazing level of artistry and creativity from every submission, ranging from the adorable and sweet, to the incredibly hilarious. Thanks again everyone for participating, you all did such amazing work. It was so special for us to have you contribute and be a part of My Milk Toof.

To view all submissions, visit YOUR MILK TOOF.

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