Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Go Fish!

"Psst... Lardee!"

"Wake up, it's time to go."

"Hurry, we can't be late."

"Hat - check!
Fishing rods - check!"

"Food - check!
Tackle - check!
Lardee -..."



"I hope I didn't forget anything."

"No more candy breaks, we have to go!"

"Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!"

"Hey Lardee, I'm gonna catch the biggest fish ever."

"Oh no, I forgot the worms-
We have no bait!"

(rummage rummage)

"This will do."

"Here fishy fishy fishy..."

"This is harder than I thought."

"We need more bait-
I saw this in a movie once."

"Maybe if we hide, they won't see us."

"No sleeping, Lardee!"

"See anything yet?"


"I'm getting kind of tired myself."

"Hey, I think I feel a bite."

"Gaaahh! It's a big one!"








"Huh, wha..."

"Awww man, we fell asleep.
It was all a dream."

"We'll definitely wake up earlier next time."