Saturday, December 7, 2013

New MY MILK TOOF Winter Merchandise!

2013 Winter Holiday Product

Hello my lovely readers,

This holiday season, give the gift of My Milk Toof! The online store is now stocked with new merchandise including some new prints and pins, and a limited number of vintage framed giclee prints. Not to mention the second book is still available for purchase, as well as the ickle and Lardee tote bags. Come click on into the store and check it out- and thank you all for your support in helping to keep this blog running!

Happy Holidays,


Anonymous said...

Will you have T shirts in the future? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please on the t-shirts. In plus sizes would be great! <3

Summeer Ho said...

Is there any new updates for this coming Xmas season?
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Carl said...

I was able to purchase the book and their goodies too. Sweet!

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Adam Taylor said...

So cute! Your talent and imagination is amazing.

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Game of Thrones Guy said...

Good to see the online shop open!

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Wowed by Gerber Audi Motorsport said...

Holiday is coming! Im so excited thank you for this ideas

Wowed by Western Wear said...

Very beautiful designs! I love it

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