Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Security

Home Security

Okay guys, I'm going out for a bit -
Be good and look after the house.

Home Security

"We will."

Home Security

"Hey Lardee, I bet she went to the store to buy us a present."

Home Security

"We'd better do a good job looking after the house."

Home Security

"Here are the major areas we have to secure..."

Home Security

"This looks up to code."

Home Security

"This however, is not."

Home Security

"Problem solved."

Home Security

"This window is vulnerable to intruders."

Home Security

"That'll slow them down."

Home Security

"Always have spare batteries for emergencies.
We'll just take one out of everything."

Home Security

"Lardee, you're on wire detail."

Home Security

"These pencils are too sharp."

Home Security

"Safety first."

Home Security

"You flowers aren't causing any problems here, are you?"

Home Security

"I'm watching you."

Home Security

"Hey Lardee, how's wire detail going?"

Home Security


Home Security

"Lardee, you almost died."

Home Security

"Take a breather, I'll handle this."

Home Security

"The kitchen is full of hazards- Be careful."

Home Security

"Yikes! This jam will expire soon."

Home Security

"We must eat it all before it becomes deadly."

Home Security

"Good job Lardee, I think we did it.
The house is now safe."

Home Security

Hey guys, I'm home-
thanks for looking after the house!

Home Security

"Did you buy us something?"

Home Security

Yes, I did!...but...

Home Security

...It needs batteries.

Home Security

"Heheh, we got that covered.

Home Security

"By the way, we made dinner."


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Arielle said...

Cute! Loved the story.

Unknown said...

The banana peel! Well done.

Amirah Cantik said...

that small plan is VERRRRYYYY CUTE! :3

Amirah Cantik said...

i wonder whats in the present tho. :)

Garbage Gal said...

Your posts are always so heart warming! I smile every time I read one :)

- Maisie

Anonymous said...

Awwww! The jam made me laugh especially hard. Not that I've ever done that... *shifty eyes*

T.D. said...

Eep! So cute!

I love ickle and his safety OCD :D

And I think I need one of those safety hats.... too adorable! Great job!

Joanne said...

You never fail to put a smile on my face. Good job and am looking forward to the next one!

Love from Sydney x

Candid Pink

Jennifer said...

open the present! :D

jonahliza said...

my milk toof for the weekend. yay. so happy!

Ira said...

Nyawwwwee~~~ x33333333

Annieofbluegables said...

I love your stories.

Dominica said...

always makes my day !! Thanks for sharing yet again another great post !

Lady_Libellule said...

Makes me smile!! Thank you!!!

(What's in the little box?)

none provided said...

This is so adorable XD

Gary D. said...

The hard hats are too funny! Haha.

beca said...

makes my heart feel full! I love this story!!

kurohiko said...

What's inside the box???

And I wonder what Inhae will do once she finds the mess they made. xDDD

Tanya said...

Ickle and Lardee are so pretty!

Kerstin said...

Those two are so considerate and helpful around the house. Heheh Their little hardhats are adorable, especially the mirrored L for Lardee. I approve of their method for slowing down intruders and getting rid of food that expires soon. Thumbs up. :D Oh and that cactus better watch out... ;)

Now what's in the present??

electrony said...

hahaha so cute!

tinajo said...

Wonderful - gave me an HUGE smile! :-)

Georgina said...

at last! you're back! :)

Zane said...

adorable, love it

cornflowerblue said...

safety first.. good job! ^^

IreneCandy said...

Another lovely story, I love them!


Laura Jones said...

love your stories! so cute:) x

Anna said...

aww, this is sooo cute. I love your stories. <3


Eliana said...

I love them. ;)

Anonymous said...

aaaaaw, love it!

MonsieurFroggy said...

At last :-0

Inventive, fun, and poetic.
Thanks you so much Inhae. You're so unique....

Anonymous said...

awwwww so sweet! :D

iikku said...

I just can't stop smiling. They're so cute!

Jennifer said...

my milk toof is always guaranteed to make me smile.

Rose said...

awww it's so cute

Iida said...

aww cutest story ever!! :D <3

Magar said...

Haha the banana peel at the window is my favorite part

Erin Moses said...

loved it. Very cute how ickle and lardee try to help everywhere. One of my friends read the story as well and loved it.
Very, very cute. ^_^

Cateaclysmic said...

You make my day, I love these guys xoxo

graciegirl said...

Aw! How sweet!
I approve ^^

Sunshine said...

Aaaaw, Lardee & ickle are so adorable! <3

Maarit said...

How cute! Specially the little spade and tiny seed bags....

Best regards from Twilight Zone (=Finland end October)

Plushpussycat said...

Super fun! Got me giggling! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is utterly adorable. It always makes me happy to see new adventures from ickle and Lardee.

Tara said...

Ickle and Lardee are the cutest things I've ever seen. I love your blog so much!! :)

Anonymous said...

the house is so much safer :)

I loved every scene! Great job

TheDiversePhD said...

Too cute and too adorable. I need them to burglar proof my apt :)

Eiko82 said...

That was superadorable!

Anonymous said...

my gosh, that was cute and so funny! Well done

Unknown said...

what was the present!! i want to know! :)

キーリん♡ said...

Too adorable! And I would like to know what was their gift as well =)

~ Kieli ~

maria s. said...

Love it!

Mana said...

This is really adorable! Keep up the great work, you're doing a fantastic job!!!! <3

Festival Girl said...

The jam and banana bit made me lol.
So cute it hurts. Fantastic Job!

xox Festival Girl

naqiah said...

damn cute!!!

Alycia said...

aww how sweet! i love it :)

little ain said...

this is touching :)


Hannah Nicole said...

aw! I love this so much. very cute. :)

Julie said...

Love their personalised hard hats. :)

Sylvia said...

simply adorable~~

Baronowa Bajroz said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

that is so adorable! :)

Camille said...

Very funny ! I love !!!

Roosa said...

aws ♥ :DD what's there in the present?

Anonymous said...

this is adorable! love it :) i also want to know what the present is!

Anonymous said...

So delightful.

MaryCatherine said...

Holy cow, I am laughing sooooo hard now. What an adorable photostory!!!! I showed this to my mom, she's cracking up :D
Ahhkkk, is that ezekiel bread?? awesome.

lamina @ do a bit said...

ha ha ha... that just made my day ... my favourite bits are the pencils and the cactus...thank you :D

Anonymous said...

the little tools, pad, and pencils *squeeeee* adorable! what did they get???

Janie said...

Good job! I Love it!

blue said...

I think they got a bit carried away, aww, so so funny

kristine- kommenterer alltid tilbake said...

O, sick cool! I got so much inspiration! Amazing :-D

Unknown said...

we must eat it before it becomes deadly!!

Jonn Wood said...

She went out in those shoes with those socks?

I assume it was to turn herself in to the fashion police. :)

Anonymous said...

so cuteeee!! haha

Maru said...

Super cute story!!! Just bought your book and can't wait to see and read more!!!

Calida said...

HAHA this is so funny! :D I love it!

Unknown said...

loved this! the details were so intricate, lardee and ickle really looked over the house well : )

loved the caption about the banana peel slowing intruders down!

Nathan Bedingfield said...

Those guys are really cute! HAHA. If my teeth were like that, I'd always be happy to see the dentist. LOL. Dentists will sure have fun cleaning those two guys. :D

Anonymous said...

Again- brilliant!

Coocoo said...

Hahahah :D That is adorable ^^!!!

Karen said...

Adorably Sweet as always!!! <3

ShadowFalcon said...

pencils as a health and safety risk - genius!

x said...

They're just too sweet :D
I loved the story :)

rasperrystain said...

i love the the small cactus:P

EADotCom said...

Like this much! =D

VJ's Scrap Room said...

SO CUTE!! I too LOVE the banana peel.hehe

Clara said...

THIS IS SO CUTE! I can't think of when time when one of your blog posts didn't make me laugh! I love it!

Jeane M. said...

Haha, XD wow that was really awesome 4D comic I've ever read. Really great story. I'm a Lardee fan right now! :D
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Mar Qaroll said...

ADORABLE! The banana peal is just what a kid would do~! They're soooo sweeeeeeet~

the scarecrow said...

"We made dinner"
Excuse me, I need to go into a corner and die quietly of cuteness overload.
What's in the present, though?!

Youngest Indie said...

This is the cutest post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!!!

Mandy said...

I hope somebody will bring them up become a movie.

Minimal Street Art said...

soo good! and the dinner looks delicious!

Laura said...

Love the tiny hats -where oh where do you find all that stuff??

danibi2010 said...

Your stories are always lovely

referencement said...

Hahahahaha THIS IS SO CUTE!

. said...

So cute, I would love to buy a figurine of Ickle and Lardee, have you ever thought of making them and then selling them?

Kwin Khieng said...

I love love this post! The story line is too cute. Thanks for sharing and i love your work.

mieledi said...

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Hanna said...

OMG! This made me so happy. I love your blog, it's hilarious and cute in the same time. BIG LOVE from a Swedish reader.

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HKLover said...

How did you make that mini-fertilizer? By the way, sooooo cute!

Unknown said...

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Matthew M. McKinley said...

These are really cute! I wish home security would look like this.

Anonymous said...

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Suresh Kumar said...
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Suresh Kumar said...

awesome...............and FuNNy. Your posts are always so heart warming.........! I hahahahhahahahah every time I read one...

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