Sunday, August 8, 2010

Giclee Prints Update

Hello readers,

The prints are ALMOST ready, thanks for waiting! They'll be posted and on sale this Wednesday, 8/11. Each print is $30 USD and will ship both domestic & internationally. I printed a better amount this time around so hopefully everyone who wants one will get a chance at them. Stay tuned!



KB said...


Amanda said...

IHHHIIIWWWII! I want one for my new apartment!

Mariolonza said...

Yeaaaaa!!!!!!!!! :-)))
Ciao Inhae!!

Caroline said...

what size dimensions are the prints?

Fiona said...

Hoorah! Only one more sleep!
Very excited from Dunfermline, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Charming little characters.. and the dialogue is a hoot!

Excellent! :)

Louis said...

Speechless!That little characters is great!

Bella Baynard said...

HIL-AR-I-OUS! Those Teef are funny!

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Isobe Ltin said...

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