Thursday, April 3, 2014

Picket Line


"Teef do not approve!
We don't want to move!"


"We say what the hey!
Better let us stay!"


"Lardee, we can't give in."


"Making us move is illegal- we read about it online."


"We've tied ourselves to this pole."


"And we also had this petition signed by all our friends."


"So basically, you can't make us go."


I understand guys- but would you like
to see some pictures of our new place?


"Whoah, we're gonna live there?"


"That living room is pretty nice, I guess..."


"Lots of light in the kitchen..."


"What's this room?
It's quite big..."


That's both your rooms.


WOW! We could fit so much stuff in there!!"


"Okay, I think we can move now."


"We're sorry for being difficult - 
change is hard."


"We'll do our best to be positive."


Thanks guys!


"No problem. Hey, where are we moving to anyways?"


Los Angeles!



"Get your sign, Lardee."


Domen said...

So much cute! :))))

Kerstin said...

Hee! Love the headbands. Aww, you almost had them ready to move. Guess they need some kind of incentive... other than the big room.

mel said...

The ending is just wayyy too cute!!

Thatï said...

LA, watch out!!...hahahhaha

Karate Mom said...

I'm loving this story line! What does Carrot think? :)

motionocean said...

This is really nice!!

Chi Sherman said...

*dies* So. Cute! :D

Ninda said...

love they both somuch :3

Julie said...

For a second there I thought you were going to offer them cookies again.

Karen said...

I love the petition list and I'm glad Planty is still around somewhere! Most of the names sound like neighbor friends, but I'm perplexed by Cleas.

Good luck with your move, guys!

Indah Dwita said...

They are too cute!

Beky said...

Just bliss.

HannaHullabaloo said...

LA, seriously?!
I hope that means something BIG gonna happen with you Inhae. Good luck in LA ickle & Lardee!

Love from Malaysia.

Henry Taylor said...

So cute! Why don't they want to move to Los Angeles?

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