Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Milk Toof Travel Update

Dear International readers from Southeast France!

ickle, Lardee & myself will be traveling around the southeast of France area from 06/02-06/20. If anyone would like to purchase a book or any merchandise directly from me, please email me! Retailers or bulk purchases as well!

My Milk Toof southeast France Trip 2015


Sharon Kofoed said...

Loved viewing what they did when they traveled to Paris!
Hope you have a safe and fun trip!

Indra G Masribani said...

have a safe trip guys! make sure to update us through your insta!

Eric et Jojo said...

Creme solaire pour les petites dents!
bon voyage

Nuri Banu said...


Nuri Banu said...

Nice traveling and presentation! I would like to visit this place.
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NahCoupons said...

Love all your picks!

Mesaj said...

Thank You I am.

Anonymous said...

I hope the teef are ok - it's been a long time since June!

Caroline said...

I just found this site and I am in love! I hope there will be more posts. Thank you for great work!

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is some new adventures for Ickle & Lardee.


The Internet

Kyle said...

Another terrific adventure for these two!

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Zaritah Pierre said... word. CUTE!

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vero said...

hi Ickle and Lardee, first of all, Happy New Year !!! then, as i am living in south east of France, i'm dreaming NOW to meet you !! do you already know were you will go? please let me know so that i can organise myself to come and see you !! WOW what a nice present for this new year !! thanks a lot ! vero

HannahWinslett said...

enjoy you trip and adventure. your so cute

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Printable Coupons 2016 said...

great :)

Anonymous said...


Did you guys move into a baguette or what?

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Sharon Kofoed said...

Hope you guys are having great adventures!

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys?? Pliiiizzz come back!!

Lady Whitening London said...

Mon Dieu Mon Amie! XD

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Anonymous said...

We worry. Where are you guys?

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Coralie M said...

Hi; I've been following your work since the beginning of this blog, and I loved every of your works. It's been a year now, and still no news... Is everything ok? Is this the end of My Milk Toof, or just a hiatus? Are you working on something else? And more importantly: are you alright yourself? Please give us any informations when you can, so I can stop worrying... Cheers, and love - a faithful reader

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Shane Hughes said...

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France is such a lovely place!

Lily-Hith-Silme said...

Miss you guys😭 Come back online soon.

~Erin M. (North Carolina)

Sunita Torres said...

where did the cutest toof go .. it's been too long

Sharon Kofoed said...

I agree...much too long without news from Ickle and Lardee! Hope all is well!!!

W said...

I missed you both today where are guys?

Honda Jazz said...

Hello my friend thank you so much. by Harga Honda Jazz

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these milk toof are so wonderful

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Der Stern Reiter said...

Miss you!! Hope you are ok!

Conserned said...

Please tell us what has happened.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

miss your blog quite a bit

Rosemi said...

I hope all is well. You and your cute characters are missed.

Benjamin Knight said...

I miss these stories! Any updates?

Penelope Sanchez said...

This is so cute. Looking at how their day goes makes me smile.

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AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

What happened? Did you stay in France? I miss your cute stories.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a post explaining what happened. If this project isn't continuing, there should at least be a statement... so the readers have closure...

Noe P said...

I miss this project so much

Anonymous said...

I saw the first book at my orthodontist's office, so I looked it up. I read all the posts and was so sad that it isn't continuing! Please please PLEASE continue!!! I really want to get to know ickle and Lardee even better!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you :'(

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Unknown said...

Where are you, guys? I really miss The Toof!

Anonymous said...

I really miss you guys ����

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Sharon Kofoed said...

What a Christmas it would be if we got a new story for a present!

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وللاستعلام عن اى شى اخر يرجى الاتصال بخدمة العملاء لدينا

ahmed Shaban said...

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