Friday, January 30, 2015

Our Day

8:15 am

"Good morning, new house!"

8:17 am

"Don't talk Lardee, just take it in."

9:00 am


10:45 am

"A little more to the left...down"

10:46 am


12:25 pm

"I just wanted you to know, I like the food 
you serve in our new house."

2:15 pm

"Best thing about a new home is 
there's not too much dust yet."

3:07 pm

"Lardee! I can't find you--I give up!"


"Where are you?"

4:40 pm

"New house, new style.
You're welcome."


6:45 pm

"Easy on the pepper-- stick to the recipe."

8:20 pm

"Haha, this guy eats more than you, Lardee.."

9:08 pm




9:12 pm



Anonymous said...

so adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that the teef are enjoying their new home! So glad to have a new chapter!

Grace said...

i just moved into my new home yesterday! looks like ickle and Lardee had a more eventful post-moving time though hehe (:

Maria Larsson - said...

This is just too adorable!

Plushpussycat said...

That is so adorable! Thanks for the fun! xo Jennifer

Sharon Kofoed said...

Love seeing Ickle and Lardee's first adventures in their new home!!!

Cate Roberts said...

These little guys make me so happy xoxo

♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

Fer said...

I'm glad to see you're back! Keep doing this amazing job :)

Katherine Lynn said...

Lardee and Ickle are back! I have missed them so much. It looks like they have a great new home.

Chelsea said...

So happy to see Ickle and Lardee again, those time out chairs are too stinking cute for words!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy!!!!

beina said...

I'm so so so happy they're back!!!
How funny!!!

Eisheilige said...

YAY! They're back! :D
Love it!

Cynthia Lee said...

Thanks for posting! What a blessing to come home after work to see a new ickle and Lardee post! :D
Thank God for you and your creativity!

Rachel said...

Such a busy day! :)

Laura said...

ah, yes! have missed you guys! so adorable:-) "Haha, this guy eats more than you, Lardee.." is my favourite, ha! :') xx

Dino Dino said...

Yeah Ickle and Lardee are back! I love this guys!

kixkillradio said...

I love it. Great story, great work! <3

Suvi said...

That time out picture is so adorable. :'D

Johanna said...

Oh, I just adore your little teeth couple so much! I'm a dental assistant myself and also runs a blog in the subject. I shared one of your picture stories and hope that's ok? Of course I gave you all the credit and linked here! You can find it here, its in Swedish though:

Thanks for a lovely inspiration!
Regards/ Johanna, Sweden

Nicole Anne Victoria Alngog said...

More to come :) this made my day <3

Kerstin said...

Yay, they're back. \o/

Great new place. The time out and sleeping in the bunk beds with their little hats on are my favourite of this set. So cute. :D

Kya said...

I just felt my heart grow with warmth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're just so cute! What a beautiful story, Inhae :)

joods said...

So relieved! Was worried we'd lost the teefs forever. I hope that you're enjoying your new home as much as ickle and Lardee are! Thank you for another imaginative and adorable post.

Jason Polkovitz said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to more beautiful adventures.

Savannah Katt said...

I got so excited when I saw your new post on Bloglovin!! So sweet, I love this blog soo much <3

Anonymous said...

Happy to see new adventures of Ickle and Lardee. We missed them a lot, really.
I hope everything went allright during the move, and that all of you enjoy the new place.

Sandra Buana Sari said...

cuteness overload, miss these cuties so much :-*

jiji said...

some have put on weight!

Anonymous said...

hooray!! welcome back Ickle and Larde. Miss you so much and really happy to see your lovely new house.

Simone B. de Castro said...

I love this guys! It's so adorable!

Mun said...

Yay! Can't wait to see more :)

AmiVieNeski said...

I miss you guys so much!! Thank you so much!! I have fun time reading them! Can't wait for the next adventures!!

Anne said...

Oh, I'm so happy to see these adorable two again! Thank you so much for this new adventure. Hope you like your new home as much as they do :)!

Zeruda said...

Aw, you're finally back! I've missed you guys!! <3

Anonymous said...

Look at how much Lardee loves pastries! So cute!

Dash said...

Welcome back!! And welcome to your new home!! So excited to have more stories from our favorite teef! Best wishes!

Débora Christine said...

I really like it! ^^

Anonymous said...

So glad you´re back - I´ve missed you guys! Thank you for another wonderful story!

Anonymous said...

They're BAAACK!!!! So freakin' adorable. Can't wait for more new adventures!

Wideofilmowanie Ślubów said...

Love Your work and that toy. Best story from pictures :)

Alamanda said...

Amazing! I like all the things that is in your story! The toys, plot, everything. Thanks for sahring us ^^

AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

I love your stories

Anonymous said...

Aww they left carrot?? D:

Anonymous said...

I am so happy they (and you) are back. And with so adorable photos!

Welgone to the new home!

Br, Maarit from Finland

Candi Ware said...

too much fun!

White Spots On Teeth said...

great idea and great story, brillian :))

Nana Kleeblatt said...

Ooh - I missed, I love you. Welcome back, ickle and Lardee ♥

Eiko82 said...

Glad to see the little guys settle into their new home :)

Massage Yeovil Lady said...

Awww sleepy teeth :D

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Window Cleaning Bath Man said...

Brrrrilliant! :D

Varun said...
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