Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Merchandise

The winter merchandise is now available for purchase on the right sidebar. Available are two limited edition sets of paper products containing one Moleskin pocket notebook (with handmade silk screen printing), two greeting cards, and three mini prints. And yes, I will be shipping internationally. For all orders, please be patient as the packing and shipping can be a very time consuming effort. Thank you again for all your support!

SET 1: ickle's version- $20.00 USD
(1 notebook, 2 greeting cards, 3 mini prints)

2010 Winter Merchandise

ickle's Pocket Notebook- Silk screened ickle images on Moleskine Cahier Pocket Ruled Notebook (64 lined pages, 3.5 x 5.5 inch).

MMT_winter merchandise_ ickle PGC

ickle's Prints- A set of three mini prints on premium white cover 100lb (3.5 x 5 inch), and a set of two greeting cards on premium white cover 100lb (4 x 5 inch) w/envelopes.

SET 2: Lardee's version- $20 USD
(1 notebook, 2 greeting cards, 3 mini prints)

2010 Winter Merchandise

Lardee's Pocket Notebook- Silk screened Lardee images on Moleskine Cahier Pocket Plain Notebook (64 blank pages, 3.5 x 5.5 inch).

MMT_winter merchandise_Lardee PGC

Lardee's Prints- A set of three mini prints on premium white cover 100lb (3.5 x 5.5 inch), and a set of two greeting cards on premium white cover 100lb (4 x 5 inch) w/envelopes.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! C-U-T-E!!!

Mica said...

Just bought both :D

Luciana ♥ said...

I bought ickle's Set one moment ago! Cannot wait to get it! ;)

♥ Lu

nina said...

These are too cute!
I couldn't choose, so I ordered both!

Anonymous said...

i want to pay in euros :(


Kaye Prince said...

Just bought myself a Lardee set, hurray!

muscatlove said...

I wish you sold packs of greeting cards alone - I'd love to do them as holiday cards! Best of luck with the sales, it's all super cute!

uberjoi said...

kawaii! just bought lardee's set :D thank you so much - hope to see more merchandise soon! xox

Saffron said...

I just bought both sets...I am NOT giving them as gift...they are MINE MINE!!!


Anonymous said...

The word "cute" is often overworked but these prints and cards are ALL about CUTE!! I agree with muscatlove and wish I could order packs of ickle and lardee cards. How great would that be to tuck the infamous family holiday letter into one of those cards?
Milk toofs forever!!

Panda said...

So cute!!! im def gonna have to get these

bean said...

Cute! Could I just check if the Lardee set comes with a ruled notebook as well? ('Cos the pic shows an unruled one...)

Char said...

SUCH cuteness - had to buy both :D

Milky said...

Bought the ickle set this morning :3 My first milk toof merchandise! Hehe, I'll be the envy of all my friends, because nobody knows of milk toof yet but they all love cute stuff! And all thanks to your great work :D Of course I'll recommend your blog to them all x3~ Too cute to keep for myself! Milk teef forever!

ruthie said...

yay! just bought the lardee set! i love your work!

nina said...

I agree, I would also love some postcard sets! I can't wait for mine to arrive!

ślubny lublin said...

great ideas ::

somewhat nameless said...

Love, love, love. SO darling. ♥

Ai Sawada said...

So cute!!!!

Mathieu said...

Anyone knows if I can buy it from France ?

Vanilla Cream said...

hello there,
i'm very interested to milky toof
just in case you would like to change those print into a post cards-please inform me the price and shipping to Indonesia.
feel free to email me at
thank you.

janeberryblue said...

these look BEAUTIFUL! i bought both sets because i couldn't choose ^^
thank you so much for providing such lovely artwork~

Julia said...

omg, delivery to brazil? haha

Anonymous said...

i'm one of your biggest fan, really! I'm o impressed what a talent you have! good luck in future, do it still like u do! I cross my fingers so tight!

Maria Riazzoli said...

super cute!!! I love it!

Nagandrea said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Philwebservices said...

Wow I love it. Can I take it home. Very cute and they looks funny. I love it so much.

Nina said...

I've just received the sets, they are amazing! Thanks for the fast shipping!

Milky said...

Mine just arrived! That's one of the fastest shippings I ever had from america! Thanks a lot for the good work :3~

Zoe said...

Oh my gosh, I have just stumbled upon your blog via bloglovin', and I am amazed at how cute those little teeth are! You are one talented person, Inhae!

Seriously love it... I am going to feature you on my blog soon, I will let you know when!

Love from Zoe @ ♥

Luciana ♥ said...

My ickle-Set arrived yesterday - I wrote a post about it:

♥ Lu

suhendi pusap said...

lardeeeeeee cute..
how are you..?

u inspired me to make this site:

hope it sounds :)

Mariana said...

Your blog and the milky toof's stories are the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Keep working, you are great!

Regards from Spain!

janeberryblue said...

just received both sets! the quality is AMAZING! thank you so much inhae~

Wen said...

Just received both sets too all the way in Australia, they are soooo adorable! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Ralphie Cellmate89 said...

i just got both sets - but i haven't opened them; they're for my Gf and i wanted it to be a surprise for both of us.

Ayako1984 said...

My package arrived yesterday, yay! <3

ayukrukoo said...

hi inhae,

is there any possible way to have my hands on lardee's? noticed it is already sold out! ='(

btw, i'm from malaysia.

really hope you'd say yes!


Joan said...

May I ask how much for shipping to the Philippines? kindly email me at meeeow18(at)yahoo(dot)com. thanks inhae.

unknowntheartist said...

Thankyou for making such a cute and brilliant set. My fiance got a set for me for Christmas! I showed him the website a long time ago ( I think it was the ickle with his water pot) and he must have remembered!
We're in Australia so I must say a big thankyou for shipping internationally!!!

You should totally do a calendar!
Hope you ickle and Lardee have a fantastic New Year!!!

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